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Each day begins with an oversized mug of coffee.  

Favorite colors are sea foam green and glacial blue.  

Driven by Finnish willpower and a positive attitude.  

Prefers sleeping under the stars.  

Likes working with shades of blue and grey.  

Skis every day of the winter.  

Loves the smell of fresh lavender. 

Dreams of shooting with a Hasselblad.  

Drives a classic truck.  

Won’t kill a fly.  

Fancies textured paintings.  

Inspired by rugged mountains and deep valleys.  

Has a snowflake tattoo.  

Aspires to explore Antarctica and the Amazon rainforest before she dies. 

Hopes to wear a smile on her face when she does.


Life is your art.  An open, aware heart is your camera.  A oneness with your world is your film.  Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.  ~ Ansel Adams


As a curious girl the age of ten, I developed a belief so profound it would have an influence on everything I was to do in my life from there on out.  My compass read, if you do not spend at least two hours outside every day, you will get sick.  Although the meaning of sickness has had many interpretations over the years, the act being outside, in nature, surrounded by wilderness has been a constant source of joy, inspiration, wonderment, reverence, and peace.  Being outside is my passion.  Bringing the outside into people’s hearts through photography is my life’s work.


Creating photographs is about connecting with my environment in an intimate way.  When I have a camera in my hand, it beckons me to open my senses and feel how my surroundings influence me.  For me, photographs are about eliciting emotion.  They arouse and inspire feelings deep inside, often sparking more questions than providing answers.  As a form of exploration, the process of creating photographs allows me to gain understanding in this dynamic, complex world.  If I had to identify just one goal of my artwork, it would be to share the joy of the world with humanity—to ignite a twinkle of desire for a better, beautiful world.  


When creating a piece, I follow my heart—to be honest with myself and simply be.  When all expectations and presumptions are shed from my consciousness, the rhythms of nature present themselves to me in rich palettes of pastoral color, patterns that would please a mathematician, and movement that flows like water.  Sometimes I feel as if I am dancing with nature to melodies of life’s grand symphony.  Life is magic, and to capture it singing as if no one is watching is my goal.



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