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Buying a home can be one of the most significant purchases a person makes in their life.  Whether it is a space a young couple envisions raising a family, a place to settle down and retire, an investment to fix and flip, or the ultimate vacation getaway one daydreams about while at work, a home is an investment that requires its buyer to make an emotional connection.  My job is to elicit that emotional connection to a home when potential buyers view it’s listing for the first time.  The photos of homes I shoot help buyers put those homes on the top of their list.             


All Packages Include:


Basic Staging & Styling Services – During a real estate photo shoot, your home is the model.  To make it look its best for the camera, I carefully composed each shot, which may require removing excess clutter or adjusting furniture to create a warm, inviting space.  Please see my Real Estate Photo Shoot Checklist to learn how to best prepare your home for a photo shoot.    


Basic HDR and Retouching Services – All images are ‘blended’ together to capture the highest dynamic range (HDR) of the scene and post-processed to adjust color, temperature, contrast, vibrancy, sharpness, and more.  In other words, the photos of your home are always crisp, bright, but most importantly realistic.  I create photos of your home that capture the eye of its future buyer.  


Online Gallery – All of your images will be available for viewing and download in our online client gallery within 48 - 72 hours.  Images will be available in both high and low resolutions, ideal for print and use on the web. 


Travel – All packages include travel to homes located within 25 miles of Crystal Bay, NV.


“The Essentials” Photo Shoot $250

  • Approximately 1-2 hours of exterior and interior digital photographs at one location.

  • 10-14 photographs


“The Complete” Photo Shoot $350

  • Approximately 2-3 hours of exterior and interior digital photographs at one location.

  • 15-25 photographs


“Leave No Stone Unturned” Photo Shoot $450

  • Approximately 3-4 hours of exterior and interior digital photographs at one location.

  • Unlimited photographs

  • Twilight photograph


Additional Services


Advanced Staging & Styling Services – For those who would like the photos of their home to be magazine quality or for homes that require extensive cleaning or rearranging to create a suitable photograph of the space. $80/hour


Advanced Retouching Services – For issues that cannot be resolved by staging and styling, such as eliminating damage or signs of wear, carpet stains, distracting objects, or unattractive landscaping, I use Photoshop to digitally enhance your home to look its finest. $80/hour


Quick Return Shoot – Do you need additional photos?  I will return to your home to capture the additional images for $15 + $20 per image.


Rush Delivery – Photographs by 9am the next day: 25% of package price


Flash Drive – $25, includes priority USPS shipping


Travel Fee – All packages include travel to homes located within 25 miles of Crystal Bay, NV.  For every additional 25 miles, the cost is $15.



Adventure, no doubt, brings people together. At a dinner party, a handsome man asked me if I'd like to step outside with him to view the full moon. Relieved to be excused from the repetitious small chat and pleased to go into my happy place - the great outdoors, I eagerly accepted his invitation. It was a cold Vermont evening, in the dead of winter, which we both quickly realized, invigorated us both.  The moonlight illuminating the frozen landscape into a thousand shades of twinkling grey, the native Green Mountain boy invited me to join him backcountry skiing the following morning.  I don't know whether it was the briskness of the winter air or the flurry of excitement running through my body from meeting this fascinating man, but I was undoubtedly taken away. Yes. My answer was yes. I would love to explore a frozen mountain together. The first date to the rest of our lives as husband and wife had been set. 


About a decade and a half has passed since that frosty winter evening we realized we our values were aligned.  Consistently atop our priority list has been to live an experienced based life. From the items we buy to the places we call home, we center ourselves around our opportunities for adventure. To define a dream, set goals, make a plan, run into challenges, solve them, and sometimes not, we believe our adventures allow us to grow together and weather the storms. A ride along the entire emotional spectrum, sometimes all in one day, adventure allows us to hide behind no barriers and to participate as true partners in life. 


Photographing adventurous couples and the experiences that bring them closer together make our hearts sing with joy.  We specialize in trekking to the farthest corners of the Earth with our clients to photograph their wedding or elopement.  Logistics also make us tick, as we're problem solvers and love to plan out adventure.  


Life is a journey, and we'd be pleased by the opportunity to illustrate the special bond which is created when two people adventure together. 

in their life. 


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