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AND WE'RE BACK : Race season begins at Northstar Mountain Bike Park

Spring rainfall can often mean peanut butter thick mud and impossibly slippery roots. Not at Northstar Mountain Bike Park. In fact, never at Northstar Mountain Bike Park. Composed of tiny granules of decomposed granite (aka sand), the dirt of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range drains water better than your bathtub after a Draino application. Some even call the dirt waterproof, as droplets either bead up and collect in puddles upon contact with the dirt, or quickly absorb and disappear as if never to have fallen from the sky in the first place. In other words, it takes a boatload of rain to make an impact at Northstar. Which, is why a whole ark’s worth of rain the night before the first enduro of the season, was much welcomed by riders and plants alike. Lush, green, and even a little dank, conditions were primed for racing.

As portions of the upper mountain remain encased in the winter’s snowpack, the course consisted to 2 timed stages and 2 transfers. Although a shorter race in terms of total time, the 2 timed stages were quite long—a solid test for early season legs. Stage 1 was comprised of Flameout and Woods trails. With many quick sections and tight switchbacks on the upper section of Flameout, Evan Geankoplis took the lead over the field on Stage 1 by 1.78 seconds, while Amy Morrison quickly powered a commanding lead over Tasha Thomas by 39.95 seconds. Stage 2 was held on Manure Pile, to Woods Tech, to Deep Park. While this stage featured a rocky, loose, and difficult to navigate middle section, the lower was a flat out sprint. Seasoned and primed Tim Krentz dominated Stage 2, winning the race by 9.39 seconds. Amy Morrison furthered her lead, taking the victory by a massive 1:24.84 seconds.

An exciting and tacky start to the race season, we enjoyed Northstar’s first race of the season—Enduro #1. Here's to wishing for a few more night’s of rainfall.

For full results, click here.

For prints, please email me at All prints are on 100% acid free substrates with archival inks, and if kept under conservation glass (if paper prints), may be expected to remain light fast for up to 150 years or more.

The longest of lines ever to be seen at Northstar. We need more mountain bike park development.

Even the ladies load bikes at Northstar.

Amy Morrison and crew pumped for some tack.

Paul Serra nearing the bottom of Flameout.

Heath Sherratt pedaling hard through the aisles of tall bushes.

Evan Geankoplis keeping it light on the breaks for a Stage 1 victory.

But the silent assassin, Tim Krentz, cranks hard at his heels.

Steven Godman

Zach Fenn keeping it tight and low through the tall bushes.

This guy, likes riding rails.

That oh ______ moment. Mark Morton

Nicolas Bean

Courtney Cook catching some air time.

Feeling the flow of the Upper Woods section. Ryan Icanberry.

Cared for well by Jake Otsaka, on the Stix & Stones race team. Shane Trento.

Cole Sutton flicking rocks out of the trail with his rear wheel.

Keeping the morning chill at bay at the beginning of Stage 1. Bill Hane.

Super styl'n. Kelly Joy

Jon Pritchett pushing that nicely manicured burm.

Elliot Benson looking for that Expert Men 18-29 victory.

Ian Massey is no stranger to the trails of Northstar.

The bottom section of Stage 1 was super flowy with tightly packed burms and bike park whoops.

Tasha Thomas likes to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

While Anna Yamauchi finds the backside of this roller, pumping for speed.

It was a quick pedal back up to Stage 2. This Woods Tech (W.T.) track certainly helped separate the field.

Stuck like a bug on flypaper.

Mike Carr

Mark Morton

Amy Morrison easily enters the rock chute.

John Clark chooses the most common, left most line.

Tim Krentz finds exit speed where no one else can, crushing the field on Stage 2.

It's more of a swing around the pole at the bottom of the rock garden, as Kristen Del Campo demonstrates.

Tanner Stephens rides a tight, but more direct line entering the rock garden of Woods Tech.

Kelly Joy was one of the only to challenge the center line.

Tasha Thomas shows us how it's most commonly ridden.

This guy must have bailed early on in the race, as this is the second time we're seeing him without his number plate.

Cody Kelley look-a-like, Conner Entz charges for 7th in his class.

Truckee local, Syra Fillat had her father out there, cheering her on.

Flynn Mogan, flowing through the green.

Rich with pollen are the pollen baskets on the bumble bee's hind legs.

Still riding solidly at the bottom of Stage 2. Anna Yamauchi

Mason Fenzel nearly the sprint of Deer Park trail.

Michelle Kelly after the pole spin at the bottom of the Woods Tech rock garden.

Ed Miller floating through a sea of green.

Brad Russell on the charge.

I don't think Debra Zupancic had time to smell the blossoms, as she was focused and charging through this section.

Poacher or racer?

Proud papas taking snaps of their victorious sons.


Mario Gallardo (2), Heath Sharratt (1), and Ryan Icanberry (3).

Tasha Thomas (2) and Amy Morrison(1) cashing in.

Thank you to the right.

Thank you to the left.

Tim Krentz (1) is the flesh and blood Superman. Evan Geankoplis (2) and Tanner Stephens (3).

Stoked raffle winner.

Tasha Thomas sporting her new hardware. Sexy new medals for Northstar winners.

Post race shredding was enjoyed by all.

Thank you Jenny.

Cause we can't never get enough.

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