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The Proposal of Amanda & Andrew Kragness

Rumor has it, Amanda and Andrew build forts together in their living room. ‘Adorable’ isn’t even a strong enough word to describe how natural and genuine their love for one another is. I first met Amanda & Andrew the day Andrew proposed to Amanda to be his partner in this journey we call life. He meticulously planned an elaborate wedding proposal—a romantic winter vacation to Lake Tahoe, a fat bike mountain bike tour through the wilderness with Tahoe Mountain Guides, an inspiring vista overlooking the vast lake to propose to the love of his life, the ring—tightly secured in a zippered pocket of his winter parka, and me—posing as a photographer taking photos for the mountain bike tour company’s website and brochure. But secretly, my mission was to capture Amanda’s reaction and hopefully her acceptance of his heartfelt wedding proposal.

Andrew was so cute in the way he proposed to Amanda. I asked them to pose at the edge of the vista—yet another pair of satisfied fat bike tour guests. I guided them to act naturally, laugh, smile, reflect on their awesome pedal to the viewpoint. And then after a few moments of playing tourist, Andrew closes his eyes and begins to sings affectionately to Amanda. Apparently, he is a gem of a man who loves to serenade his beautiful love. Her reaction was priceless. I could see her face through the lens of my camera first wondering why Andrew was behaving a little too naturally. But as soon as she recognized the song he was singing her was a song very special between the two of them, she began to melt before my lens. Her eyes welled up with tears; her gaze now unbroken into the depths of his soul—it was crystal clear this pair was committed to one another for eternity.

To be continued…

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