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When Mountain Bikers Get Married ~ Kirstie & Tim

There is something about blood, sweat, and tears that just brings people together. Kirstie and Tim are mountain bikers. I met this badass couple many years ago at Northstar Mountain Bike Park when we all shared the passion of racing downhill bikes. Kirstie and I were fierce competitors, while my husband loved to ride with Tim, as Tim is one of the greatest athletes of all time. The simple act of riding mountain bikes with friends invites the most genuine and honest of relationships. Mountain biking is downright hard. And to be successful at it, especially at the level of Kirstie and Tim, one cannot hide behind a false self of self. To see a massive rock or 6-foot drop off in the trail ahead of you, you have to rise to the challenge, and either succeed or fail. When riding a mountain bike, a person can experience all of life’s emotions, often on a single ride. So, for Kirstie and Tim to love to ride mountain bikes together, means that they allow one another to see their truest of selves, to surrender to one another, to share in life’s both fullest and lowest.

Photographing Kirstie and Tim’s backyard wedding was beyond awesome. As Tim owns his own concrete business, he (with the help of his then-fiancée) completely remodeled their entire backyard for the wedding. There was a gorgeous garden contained by perfectly manicured concrete, a grassy area for the children, a dance floor, a fire pit, and a custom bar made by Kirstie’s loving son. So much caring went into every detail. And then there was Kirstie and Tim’s friends and family. Their happiness for the couple made the entire night feel like dream. Laughing, dancing, speeches, opera singing, serenades, the wedding of Kirstie and Tim will forever bring a tear to my eye.

Love the two of you so much! Wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of riding and love together!

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