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The Wedding of Amanda & Andrew Kragness


The wedding of Amanda and Andrew was truly like a breath of fresh air to photograph. Set high upon a mountaintop, overlooking the entirety of Lake Tahoe, their ceremony and reception was held at the Lakeview Lodge, located at the top of the tram at Heavenly Ski Resort. If your goal is to keep your guests jaws permanently dropped to the floor, the Lakeview Lodge is your venue. Between all the love and then the beauty—the love, and again, even more beauty, it’s truly overwhelming. When surrounded by nothing but your best friends, family, and all of nature’s glory, your entire procession will be swept away in a bubble of love, laughter, and bliss.

And that’s exactly what happened at the wedding of Amanda and Andrew Kragness.

May their love be as timeless at their living room activities. All the best.